Ares Documentation


Ares is the new tool to extend the capabilities of Yuri’s Revenge and to fix bugs in the game engine. It was conceived by pd near the end of 2007, developed over the years by The Ares Contributors and first released to the public in 2010.

This documentation is aimed primarily at mod authors wishing to make use of the new functionality that Ares offers.

Ares is incorporated into Yuri’s Revenge via the use of Syringe, a program initially developed by pd to ‘inject’ DLL code into a running executable without modifying the executable file itself.

In this case, the Ares DLL is injected into the Yuri’s Revenge 1.001 main executable, gamemd.exe. The properly patched original CD version as well as the compilations The First Decade and The Ultimate Collection are supported.

Syringe can be run directly via a command line prompt or automatically run from external launcher applications provided by a mod. See the respective documentations of those programs for further details.

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