Hard-coded Unit Properties

The game is hard-coded to do certain things with certain unit IDs. Namely the [COW], [DESO] and [FV]. These units can now have said special properties switched off, and other units can be given these properties if you want. Hard-coded properties of Cows and Desolators can be toggled on/off for any infantry.


The [COW] was hard-coded to play its idle animation more frequently than other infantry and was also hard-coded to move around randomly. You can now set IsCow=yes on other InfantryTypes or, indeed, IsCow=no on the [COW].

[InfantryType]►IsCow= (boolean)
Defaults to yes for [COW], otherwise to no.

New in version 0.1.


The [DESO] was hard-coded to have different deploy-weapon firing timing than other units. The change to the timing appears to be related to the unit’s art Sequence although the exact effect has not been investigated. You can now set IsDesolator=yes on other InfantryTypes or, indeed, IsDesolator=no on the [DESO].

[InfantryType]►IsDesolator= (boolean)
Defaults to yes for [DESO], otherwise to no.

New in version 0.1.

Multiple IFVs / Gunner

The [FV] was the only unit to be checked for the special turret and weapon flags, such as SniperTurretIndex. With Ares, all VehicleTypes with Gunner=yes set will read those flags. This means that you can now have multiple types of IFV.

New in version 0.1.


In Ares you can specify the VoiceIFVRepair tag on any IFV unit.

[VehicleType]►VoiceIFVRepair= (soundmd entry)
Specifies the response this IFV gives when ordered to repair something. If this value is not set, [VehicleType]►VoiceAttack is used. Defaults to [AudioVisual]►VoiceIFVRepair for [FV], otherwise to none.

New in version 0.2.