Forest Fires

Forest fires were a feature of Tiberian Sun. Trees were set on fire if hit by a Sparky=yes warhead. While burning, they could ignite trees nearby and thus over time spread like a wildfire.

Ares‘s implementation of forest fires slightly differs from the one in Tiberian Sun. It is now required to also set the previously unused tag IsFlammable=yes on each tree that may be set on fire. This is the only noticeable change.

See Sparky on ModEnc for a more detailed description of the logic, and for the requirements to get it working. To prevent crashes when firing a Sparky=yes warhead, do not forget to set three valid animations as [AudioVisual]►OnFire and two valid animations as [AudioVisual]►TreeFire.


If trees are not burning down, make sure that the animation used as [AudioVisual]►SmallFire has Scorch=no set.

New in version 0.8.