MAD Tank Style Relative Damage

This logic is inspired by the MAD Tank known from the Red Alert mission disk The Aftermath, where it was used as a large area of effect weapon that damaged each victim by taking away a share of its health.

Instead of using a fixed damage value, a value relative to the victim’s Strength or current health can be dealt by a warhead. Country armor multipliers and veterancy bonuses are still applied, as well as Verses.

Relative Damage is not supported on special weapon logics like Temporal or Psychedelic warheads, and also doesn’t support ProneDamage and DeployedDamage for infantry. Suppressing parasites is also not supported.

[Warhead]►RelativeDamage= (boolean)

Deal damage relative to Strength or current health instead of dealing conventional damage. If set to yes, the tags below are used depending on target type. If a tag is not defined, no damage is dealt. Defaults to no.


A dummy Damage is needed on this warhead for targeting, even though the value ultimately is not used. If Damage is negative (like for healing weapons), the Relative Damage will be negative also.

[Warhead]►RelativeDamage.Buildings= (integer - percent)

[Warhead]►RelativeDamage.Aircraft= (integer - percent)

[Warhead]►RelativeDamage.Infantry= (integer - percent)

[Warhead]►RelativeDamage.Vehicles= (integer - percent)

[Warhead]►RelativeDamage.Terrain= (integer - percent)
The damage defined as percentage from either Strength, if positive, or current health, if negative. Supported values range from -100 to 100. A value of 0 deals no damage. Defaults to 0.

Relative Damage considers Organic=yes vehicles as infantry and ConsideredAircraft=yes vehicles as aircraft.

New in version 0.E.

Changed in version 3.0.