These options specify what the Chronosphere should do with an object.

[TechnoType]►Chronoshift.Allow= (boolean)
Specifies whether this unit is allowed to be affected by the Chronosphere super weapon. Otherwise it will be ignored. Defaults to yes.
[BuildingType]►Chronoshift.IsVehicle= (boolean)
Specifies whether this building is actually a deployed vehicle and should be chronoshifted by the Chronosphere super weapon if it affects units and Chronosphere.ReconsiderBuildings=yes is set. On the other hand this building will not be considered a building anymore and thus will be ignored by a Chronosphere that doesn’t affect units. Defaults to no.

Units can be made immune to chronoshift-crushing:

[TechnoType]►Chronoshift.Crushable= (boolean)
If set to no, this unit can no longer be crushed by chronoshifting units onto it. Instead, the chronoshifting unit will be destroyed. Does not apply to BuildingTypes. Defaults to yes.

Globally disallow chronoshifting infantry to crush non-infantry:

[General]►ChronoInfantryCrush= (boolean)
If set to no, infantry will die when being chronoshifted onto tanks instead of destroying the tanks. Defaults to yes.

New in version 0.2.

Changed in version 0.E.