Tunnel Networks

This is the tunnel systems known from Generals. Tunnels are buildings that allow to quickly move units from one place to another. There can be many entrance buildings, but they all share the same queue of occupants. Units do not actually move between tunnels; after they entered an entrance they can be ejected from another entrance immediately.

The occupants will be kept alive until the last entrance of the same type owned by the same player is destroyed. The killer of the last entrance will be awarded the kills of the occupants also. If the last entrance is sold, units will try to evacuate.

Different tunnel types are declared as list under the [TunnelTypes] section, and they have the following options:

[TunnelType]►Passengers= (integer)
The maximum number of occupants this tunnel system can have. This does not consider size. Each unit takes up one slot of space. Defaults to 0.
[TunnelType]►MaxSize= (double)
The maximum Size= units can have to be allowed into this tunnel. Defaults to 0.0.

Then, a BuildingType can be turned into a tunnel entrance by setting the following tag. Multiple BuildingTypes can share the same tunnel type. Only units that have a Size less than or equal to of the SizeLimit of the tunnel entrance are allowed to enter through that entrance.


For ejection the Size is currently not checked against MaxSize. This might change in future versions.


If you don’t get the enter cursor on the tunnel entrances, check that you correctly set Passengers= and MaxSize on the TunnelType.

Tunnel entrances play EnterTransportSound and LeaveTransportSound whenever a unit enters or leaves the building. The entrance building will show pips representing the contents of the tunnel system.

[BuildingType]►Tunnel= (TunnelType)

The type of tunnel system this building is an entrance to.


Tunnel buildings are not allowed to have weapons nor turrets and cannot be capturable or mind-controllable.


Hover units have the same problems with tunnel entrance buildings as they have entering UnitAbsorb=yes buildings.

; Tunnel declarations

; Tunnel definition

; Civilian Tunnel Entrance Building

New in version 0.E.