Cloak Sounds

There was only one global sound used to indicate a change of cloak state. Ares split this into two separate flags for cloaking and decloaking, and made both of them customizable for each TechnoType.

[AudioVisual]►DecloakSound= (Sound)
The sound played when a unit or building decloaks. Defaults to [AudioVisual]►CloakSound.

TechnoTypes can override the global sounds. It does not matter whether the unit cloaks itself or whether it is cloaked by a Cloak Generator.

[TechnoType]►CloakSound= (Sound)
The sound played when this object cloaks or submerges. Defaults to [AudioVisual]►CloakSound.
[TechnoType]►DecloakSound= (Sound)
The sound played when this object decloaks or emerges. Defaults to [AudioVisual]►DecloakSound.

New in version 0.5.