Chain Reactions

There are two distinct logics that have their part in the tiberium chain reactions as seen in Tiberian Sun. Chain Reactions were not supported in Yuri’s Revenge and have now been restored, and both have been made more customizable.

New in version 0.5.

Tiberium Explosion

Tiberium Explosion occurs if an animation with TiberiumChainReaction=yes hits a cell containing tiberium. There is a chance that debris is spawned. For a more detailed description, refer to TiberiumChainReaction on ModEnc.

The warhead, the damage delivered and the chance to spawn debris can be customized for each of the Tiberiums.

Chain Reaction

Overlay can be made to trigger a chain reaction when damaged. An animation is spawned on the neighbor cells that can propagate the effect. For a more detailed description, refer to ChainReaction on ModEnc.

The logic has been restored and new works as in Tiberian Sun. The warhead can be customized for each of the Tiberiums.

Customizable Settings

[Tiberium]►ExplosionWarhead= (warhead)

The warhead used to deliver the damage of the chain reaction effect, as well as the damage of the Tiberium Explosion effect. Defaults to [General]►C4Warhead.


Tiberian Sun‘s C4Warhead was HE, which had Spread set. Red Alert 2 uses Super, which does not.

[Tiberium]►ExplosionDamage= (integer)
The damage an animation with TiberiumChainReaction=yes deals to the cell it impacts at. Defaults to [CombatDamage]►TiberiumExplosionDamage.
[Tiberium]►Debris.Chance= (integer - percent)
The chance a cell containing this tiberium type hit by an animation with TiberiumChainReaction=yes will spawn one of its Debris. Defaults to 33.

Minimum Damage to Trigger Explodes=yes

Overlay with Explodes=yes detonates when taking even the slightest amount of damage. With Ares you can raise this limit so overlay only explodes if the damage is higher than a certain value.

[General]►OverlayExplodeThreshold= (integer)
Only if the damage to a cell is higher than this does an overlay with Explodes=yes explode. Below this value, the overlay stays intact. Defaults to 0.

New in version 0.5.