Dune 2000 had the Saboteur, an infantry unit that could enter enemy structures and destroy them immediately, sacrificing himself. This has been re-created in Ares.

Only buildings owned by enemy players are sabotagable. If a building can be sabotaged, the player gets the cursor named Sabotage, which is a new customizable Mouse Cursor.


The temporary cloak feature has not been implemented.

[InfantryType]►Saboteur= (boolean)
Whether this infantry can blow up a sabotagable building. The building will be destroyed as if C4 was placed, and the Saboteur is consumed in this process. Requires Infiltrate=yes. Not supported together with vehicle hijacking, CanDrive=yes, C4 (either C4=yes or granted through veterancy) and Occupier=yes logics. Defaults to no.
[BuildingType]►ImmuneToSaboteurs= (boolean)
Whether this building cannot be sabotaged. If yes, saboteurs cannot enter this structure. Defaults to yes for CanC4=no or TechLevel=-1 CanBeOccupied=yes buildings, to no otherwise.

New in version 0.A.