Building Options

Multiple Super Weapons on a Building

[BuildingType]►SuperWeapons= (list of SuperWeaponTypes)

Comma separated list of SuperWeaponTypes which are granted by this building in addition to the ones defined as SuperWeapon and SuperWeapon2. Defaults to none.

Each individual super weapon can be granted conditionally. The first available super weapon determines the EVA event played when a building of this type is placed, and its charge state is indicated by the building animations.


This feature primarily supports providing access to additional super weapons. Note that SuperWeapon and SuperWeapon2 are still considered special, and not all aspects of the logic have been expanded.

New in version 0.9.

Building Animations

Buildings can display specific animations for when the attached super weapon is charging, is nearly charged (1 minute remaining in the vanilla game), is ready to be fired, and when it fires. However, in Yuri’s Revenge, these animations only work properly for the original super weapons. In Ares, these will work for any super weapon.

New in version 0.1.