Solid Buildings

Buildings can now be made ‘solid’ to projectiles, meaning that projectiles will detonate when hitting a building rather than passing through it. Units are aware of Solid Buildings, and they will try to find a better firing position when attacking a target and an obstacle is in the way.

The solid level makes it possible to distinguish between Solid Buildings a unit should consider indestructible and thus move to a better place to attack, and Solid Buildings that should be considered collateral damage. In the latter case the building is destroyed first before the target behind it can be damaged, like walls around a walled in structure.

Only enemy buildings’ solidity will be considered. Units will not try to fire through allied buildings to destroy them. Open gates are never considered solid.


Setting the Apocalypse Tank weapon’s projectile to SolidLevel=1 will make the tank ignore all Solid Buildings with a lower level in its path and just fire at its targets. The projectiles will hit the buildings and destroy them, then the actual target.


Setting a gate to SolidHeight=-1 and SolidLevel=0 will make it a Solid Building still, but units will try to tear it down while trying to shoot at a target behind it, just like walls. If the gate is closed, it will take damage when units try to hit a target behind it, but when it is open, the projectiles will pass.

New in version 0.1.

Changed in version 0.A.

The Attackers - Enabling Projectiles

[Projectile]►SubjectToBuildings= (boolean)
Whether or not this projectile can be blocked by solid buildings. Defaults to no.
[Projectile]►SolidLevel= (integer)

The highest level of solidity this projectile will consider as easily destructible when targeting. If a Solid Building with a solidity level of this or lower is in the way to the actual target, the unit will fire anyhow, first destroying all obstacles. If it is lower than the building’s level, then the unit cannot fire and has to reposition itself. Defaults to 0.


Certain drawing effects like lasers will be drawn as if they have hit the actual target when in fact the Solid Building was hit and took the damage. This graphical glitch might be resolved in the future.

The Defenders - Solidity of Buildings

[BuildingType]►SolidHeight= (integer - cells)

How tall the solid part of the building is considered to be, measured in cells (each cell has a height of 256 leptons), so buildings with a large amount of clear space near their top can allow projectiles to fly through that space. Negative values (e.g. -1) tell the game to consider the building’s full Height as solid. Default is 0, meaning the building is not at all solid (as per the normal game).


The solid building logic does not lend itself well to non-rectangular buildings, such as the Paris Tower or Space Needle.

[BuildingType]►SolidLevel= (integer)
The solidity of this building. Defaults to 1.

Global Settings

There is a global setting that defines whether allied bullets generally can pass Solid Buildings. This mirrors AlliedWallTransparency.

[CombatDamage]►AlliedSolidTransparency= (boolean)
Whether buildings of allied players are considered transparent for firing through them even if solid. If yes, owning players and their allies can fire through a building without the bullet hitting it. Defaults to no.