Veteran and Elite AbilitiesΒΆ

This is a list of all new veteran and elite abilities Ares supports.

  • EMPIMMUNE See Electromagnetic Pulse Immunity.
  • RADIMMUNE Makes the unit immune to radiation like ImmuneToRadiation. This affects direct hits from Radiation=yes warheads as well as from radiation sites spread by warheads with RadLevel greater than 0.
  • PROTECTED_DRIVER See Killing Drivers and Protected Drivers.
  • UNWARPABLE Makes units immune to Temporal=yes weapons like Warpable=no.
  • POISONIMMUNE Makes units immune to Poison=yes weapons like ImmuneToPoison=yes.
  • PSIONICWEAPONIMMUNE Makes units immune to PsychicDamage=yes weapons like ImmuneToPsionicWeapons=yes.
  • PSIONICSIMMUNE Makes units immune to Psychedelic=yes and MindControl=yes weapons like ImmuneToPsionics=yes. The Psychic Dominator can still override this effect just like the unconditional ImmuneToPsionics=yes.

New in version 0.E.