Particle Spawning

Animations can spawn particles using SpawnsParticle, but no matter how many are spawned, they would always spawn at the exact same location as the animation. These new tags allow customizing the distance from the center the particles will be spawned at.

This feature divides the circle around animation’s base coords into NumParticles sections. Each section will get exactly one spawned particle. The height above ground will be the same as the animation’s height above the base cell.

[AnimType]►SpawnsParticle.RangeMinimum= (double - cells)

The distance from the center where particles start spawning at. Defaults to 0.0.


If negative, the resulting random distance could come out as negative. If this happens, the absolute value is used. This allows doubling the chance to spawn particles closer to the center.

[AnimType]►SpawnsParticle.RangeMaximum= (double - cells)
The distance from the center where particles will not spawn beyond. Has to be equal to or larger than SpawnsParticle.RangeMinimum. Defaults to 0.0.

New in version 0.C.