Chrono Prisons / Abductors

Originally intended for Yuri’s Revenge, with published concept art and even appearing on the original version of the box art, the Chrono Prison was planned as a unit which would suck units into a “containment sphere” in its turret; the turret would grow with each unit sucked in, and if the prison were destroyed, the units would be free again. Original concept art on the Command & Conquer Wiki.

Ares includes functionality which can be used to create such a unit, but the implementation is liberal enough to use the parts for a variety of other units.

[Weapon]►Abductor= (boolean)

If set to yes, weapons with this flag will absorb the target into the attacker’s passenger hold. Should the attacking unit be destroyed, its passengers will emerge. Slaves’ and spawned units’ owner will be changed to the house Special. If the abductor is “full” or the victim cannot be abducted, conventional damage is dealt. Defaults to no.


Please make sure you have a passenger hold when using this. Also remember that SizeLimit defaults to 0, so if you don’t set it, abduction of most units will be denied. As usual, PipScale is required for all transports.


Due to the way Passengers for buildings was tacked on, it is possible buildings with abducting weapons will not work properly. (Using InfantryAbsorb/UnitAbsorb increases your chances.) These malfunctions are considered out of the scope of the request and will not be considered bugs. The same goes for InfantryTypes. Malfunctions on VehicleTypes and AircraftTypes, on the other hand, should be reported immediately.

[Weapon]►Abductor.Temporal= (boolean)
Instead of abducting target units immediately, will abduct them only after they have been temporally erased. When the target unit would be warped away, it will be placed inside the abductor unit as passenger. If abduction fails, the target is erased normally. Requires Temporal=yes to be set on Warhead. Defaults to no.
[Weapon]►Abductor.Anim= (animation)
This animation will be spawned at the location a unit is abducted from. Defaults to none.
[Weapon]►Abductor.ChangeOwner= (boolean)
Sets whether the abducted unit shall change its owner to the abductor’s house. Units which are ImmuneToPsionics=yes or which gained the PSIONICSIMMUNE veteran ability will not change owner. Defaults to no.
[Weapon]►Abductor.AbductBelowPercent= (float - percentage)
Specifies the percentage of health a unit has to go below to be abducted. Units with more health than this percentage will not be abducted. Defaults to 100%.
[Weapon]►Abductor.MaxHealth= (integer - hitpoints)
The amount of hitpoints above which it cannot be abducted any longer. If 0, health is not checked. Defaults to 0.
[TechnoType]►ImmuneToAbduction= (boolean)
Specifies whether the unit cannot be abducted. Only the conventional damage is dealt. Defaults to no.
[TechnoType]►PassengerTurret= (boolean)

If set to yes, this unit’s turret will switch to the turret with the index equivalent to the number of passengers it holds. Defaults to no.

  • 0 passengers footur.vxl
  • 1 passenger footur1.vxl
  • 5 passengers footur5.vxl


In order to use this, you have to use YR’s multi-turret logic, that is, you have to specify Turret=yes, an appropriate TurretCount, and you have to use the WeaponX flags to specify weapons.

New in version 0.2.