Team Retaliate¶

If a unit attacked a member of an idling team in Tiberian Sun and didn’t kill it right away, the team would collectively retaliate against the offender. This logic has been removed from Red Alert 2 and Ares brings it back as an optional feature.

While the original logic just ignored AircraftTypes, the restored logic also excludes ConsideredAircraft=yes units and parasites. Another difference is that the team members’ current targets are no longer reset when a second offender attacks the team, which might prevent target juggling in case of multiple attackers.

This feature can only be enabled globally using a tag to not change the original game’s behavior. Also, Ares does not extend TeamTypes yet to allow custom tags per team.

[General]►TeamRetaliate= (boolean)
Whether teams are allowed to retaliate if a member is attacked and not killed immediately. Defaults to no.

New in version 0.7.