Reverse Engineer logic

In Red Alert 2, the Cloning Vats reverse-engineered any infantry it was sent into. Ares not just re-enables this logic but also enables customization.

[BuildingType]►ReverseEngineersVictims= (boolean)
Enables the reverse-engineering logic. Defaults to no.


Currently Grinding=yes is needed to the reverse-engineering building to have this logic working. Also, reverse-engineered units will ignore Prerequisite, Prerequisite.Lists, PrerequisiteOverride, StolenTech, both old and new models, TechLevel, RequiredHouses and ForbiddenHouses, but obeying BuildLimit, Prerequisite.RequiredTheaters, Prerequisite.Negative, Factory and Naval settings.


While this logic appears to be working, there have also been some minor bugs related to this feature. Be advised.

[InfantryOrVehicle]►CanBeReversed= (boolean)
Allows the unit to be reverse-engineered. Defaults to yes.
[InfantryOrVehicle]►ReversedAs= (TechnoType)
The optional type to override what a unit is reversed as. If not set, uses the actual unit type. Supports BuildingTypes. Use none to reset. Defaults to none.

For a spy effect to reset a player’s build options gained by reverse engineering, see Spy Behavior.

When you are the owner of the reversing facility, reverse-engineering any InfantryType for the first time will play EVA_ReverseEngineeredInfantry and EVA_NewTechnologyAcquired; reverse-engineering any VehicleType for the first time will play EVA_ReverseEngineeredVehicle and EVA_NewTechnologyAcquired. The undo-reversing spy effect will play EVA_TechnologyStolen.

New in version 0.2.