Sides & Countries

In the original game the sides and countries were, for the most part, hard-coded. You could not add to, remove or reorder the 10 countries or 3 sides. Ares, however, makes these tasks possible – you can now have up to 16 fully functional countries and sides, and you can customize these in numerous ways...


Certain flags work properly for up to 32 countries, and yet others fail after merely 16 - it is recommended to not have any more than 16 playable countries and 32 total countries. Put the playable countries first in the list, followed by the other countries.


Sides are specified in the [Sides] list in rulesmd.ini.

There is no limit to the number of sides that can be defined. However, only 16 fully-working countries can be implemented (see above).

Each side can (and should) define its own values for the following flags in the side’s INI section.


Countries are specified in the [Countries] list in rulesmd.ini. Any country with Multiplay=yes set will appear in the country selection drop-down list and be eligible for random selection if the player chooses ‘Random’. Countries can be excluded from the ‘random country’ option, or given differing weights.

The [Countries] list can contain up to 32 countries, however taunts will only work for 16 of these.

Each country can be customized using the following flags in the country’s INI section.