The original MakeInfantry logic would always grant ownership of newly-created infantry to the neutral side, unless the animation was caused by an InfantryType being killed by an InfDeath=9 warhead (in which case the killing player would get ownership of the new InfantryType). Ares lets you choose which player will gain ownership, from one of several options.

[Animation]â–şMakeInfantryOwner= (enumeration invoker|killer|victim|civilian|special|neutral|random)

Specifies which house will own the resulting InfantryType that gets created after this animation has played. The animation’s remappable colors will be shown in that house’s color, if not noted otherwise. Defaults to invoker.


If you are creating a chain of animations using the Next= tag then MakeInfantry= goes on the last animation whereas MakeInfantryOwner= goes on the first animation - that is, the animation that was initially invoked.

Note that this is not a warhead property; it goes on the corresponding animation entry in artmd.ini. However, MakeInfantryOwner only works for specific animations; namely those invoked by InfDeathAnim, DeathAnims, InfantryExplode, FlamingInfantry, InfantryElectrocuted, InfantryHeadPop, InfantryNuked, InfantryVirus, InfantryMutate, InfantryBrute, and map triggers. The default MakeInfantryOwner is invoker, which corresponds to a different player depending on the animation.

  • For InfDeathAnim, InfantryVirus and InfantryMutate, invoker represents killer (the owner of the killing unit). For InfantryVirus on a NotHuman=no victim, the remappable colors are not used. If you want them, use killer explicitly.
  • For InfantryExplode, FlamingInfantry, InfantryElectrocuted, InfantryHeadPop, InfantryNuked, and InfantryBrute, invoker represents the neutral house with the remappable colors not being used. If you want the remapped colors, you have to use neutral explicitly.
  • For DeathAnims, invoker represents victim (the owner of the dying unit).
  • For map triggers, invoker, killer and victim all represent the house that is considered to be the owner of the trigger.

random will pick a random player from all players in the game, including the houses available as neutral, special and civilian.


Like InfDeath=9, mutation animations will be rendered in the unit palette with remap colors instead of anim.pal, if not noted otherwise.

New in version 0.1.

Changed in version 0.7.