General properties

[SuperWeapon]►SW.Range= (float,integer)
Most superweapons having a ranged effect can take a float or two integers. One float is taken as radius around the target cell, two integers separated by comma denote a rectangular area. For example, SW.Range=3.5 defines a circle with 7 cells diameter, SW.Range=4,6 defines a rectangle 4 cells wide and 6 cells high. The range is no longer bound to cell spread’s limitation of a maximum range of 10.
[SuperWeapon]►SW.CreateRadarEvent= (boolean)
Creates a radar event rectangle for every player centered above the super weapon’s target cell.
[SuperWeapon]►SW.AffectsHouse= (enumeration none|owner|allies|team|enemies|all)
Which houses items are affected by this super weapon. You can combine multiple values by comma. team equals owner,allies, all equals owner,allies,enemies. Defaults to team for the Force Shield, to all otherwise.
[SuperWeapon]►SW.AffectsTarget= (enumeration none|land|water|empty|infantry|units|buildings)
Which items are allowed to be affected by this super weapon. You can combine multiple values by comma. If you don’t specify either land or water, both will be allowed. If you don’t specify any of the other values, everything can be affected. Thus, if you specify no restriction (none), all targets are valid. For example, SW.AffectsTarget=land,buildings affects all buildings that aren’t water-bound, SW.AffectsTarget=water affects every water cell, occupied or empty.
[SuperWeapon]►SW.ShowCameo= (boolean)
Sets whether this super weapon will appear in the side bar. This setting is ignored if SW.AutoFire=no is set. Defaults to yes.
[SuperWeapon]►SW.Deferment= (integer - frames)
The number of frames after the fired super weapon takes effect. Not all super weapons support deferment.
[SuperWeapon]►SW.TimerVisibility= (enumeration none|owner|allies|team|enemies|all)
Defines who can see the super weapon timer, if ShowTimer=yes. Observers are considered to be allied to all players. Defaults to all.
[SuperWeapon]►SW.Group= (integer)
Distinguish multiple super weapons of the same type. Defaults to 0.

New in version 0.1.