Movies List

With Ares the in-game movies list can be customized and new unlockable movies can be added. Each movie is now unlocked individually instead of using only two campaign progression trackers for Allies and Soviets. The unlocked state is saved in a new section called [UnlockedMovies] in ra2md.ini.

In the new file moviemd.ini, add all movie filenames without the .BIK extension to the [Movies] list. All movies will appear on the in-game menu in the same order as in this list. Only if the list is empty does the game default to the original behavior using the hardcoded movie lists and the two progression trackers.

Each movie item can be customized using these settings:

[MovieFilename]►Description= (CSF label)
The name this movie will appear under in the list. Defining this tag is required.
[MovieFilename]►Unlockable= (boolean)
Whether this movie has to be unlocked first before appearing in the list. If no, the movie will always appear in the list, like the intro movie. Defaults to yes.
; Assume INTRO.BIK and BRIEF01.BIK exist



New in version 0.E.