Spawners have been enhanced to support cloak. A cloaking Destroyer or Aircraft Carrier will not cause all its spawns to self-destruct any more. Spawners now have rudimentary support for BalloonHover=yes.

Flying Aircraft Carriers

Non-Missile spawns were always put on the ground for take-off, even if the carrier was in the air. This has been changed and spawns now start from the carrier.

Spawned units now return to BalloonHover=yes spawners, instead of flying off the map and potentially crashing the game. If the spawner unit is moving, it is possible that the spawns lower on the wrong cell and then gain altitude again.

For best effects, the FlightLevel of spawns should be higher than the FlightLevel of the spawning unit. Otherwise the spawns would disappear from mid-air when docking, or even try to lower down to the ground instead of going up to the carrier.


Please note that this logics still has some shortcomings and it has many opportunities for improvements. For example, move sounds do not work correctly once a spawn has launched once.

New in version 0.6.