Berserk Reloading Time Modifier

Units under the effect of Chaos Gas or other Psychedelic=yes warheads go berserk, which reduces their willingness to obey orders as well as their reloading time. This reloading time factor can be customized globally and for each TechnoType.

[CombatDamage]►BerserkROFMultiplier= (float - multiplier)
The multiplier applied to the reloading time when a unit is berserking. Smaller means shorter reloading and faster firing. Defaults to 0.5.
[TechnoType]►Berserk.ROFMultiplier= (float - multiplier)
The multiplier applied when this unit is berserking. Smaller means faster firing. Defaults to [CombatDamage]►BerserkROFMultiplier.

New in version 0.8.