Weapons no longer have to use up one round of ammunition when firing. It is now possible to create weapons that require more rounds as well as weapons that do not use up a single round of ammunition.

This way, a unit with a powerful primary weapon could fire only a few shots at buildings for example, while still having a weaker secondary to fend off tanks and infantry.

Firing a weapon that uses up no ammunition does not reset the reload timer.

[Weapon]►Ammo= (integer)

The rounds of ammunition needed to fire this weapon. If fewer than the required rounds are present, the unit will not fire and wait for the ammo to reload. Defaults to 1.


This feature does not support AircraftTypes.


Units with ManualReload=yes will still target enemies and wait for reloading, which never happens.

To make units and structures automatically switch to another weapon when out of ammo, see NoAmmoWeapon.

New in version 0.B.