Initial Payload (Troop Crawlers)

In Generals the Chinese have the Troop Crawler, a vehicle that comes pre-filled with Red Guard infantry right from the factory. Ares adds this feature to Yuri’s Revenge.

Buildings must either have CanBeOccupied=yes or InfantryAbsorb=yes set. Other buildings are not supported to have initial payload. Buildings are only allowed to have InfantryType payload.

Occupiable buildings will be filled with up to MaxNumberOccupants infantry, other buildings and units will be filled with up to Passengers units. It’s the responsibility of the modder to check Size and SizeLimit.

InfantryTypes cannot have initial payload.

[TechnoType]►InitialPayload.Types= (list of TechnoTypes)

The types of the initial payload this object is created with. Types can be mentioned more than once, or the corresponding InitialPayload.Nums can be used to repeat a type.

BuildingTypes and AircraftTypes are not valid. Buildings are only allowed to have InfantryType payload. Types themselves having initial payload are not supported, because this could create infinite loops.

[TechnoType]►InitialPayload.Nums= (list of integers)

The optional numbers of times each type from InitialPayload.Types will be added.

If this list contains fewer items than the InitialPayload.Types list, the last number is used as count for all following types. If this tag is not set, all counts are assumed to be 1.

New in version 0.A.