Ivan Bombs

As with many other features of Yuri’s Revenge, the settings that control Crazy Ivan Bombs are global so you can’t have multiple variations of them with their own controls. With Ares it is now possible to create new Ivan Bomb-esque weapons – new types of sticky bomb with whatever settings you like.

Ares now also supports shrapnel weapons, as long as they have a CellSpread of 0.5 or more.

When IvanBomb=yes is set on the weapon’s warhead, the weapon can specify the following flags in order to customize that bomb:

[Weapon]►IvanBomb.Warhead= (WarheadType)
The warhead that will be used when the bomb detonates. Defaults to [CombatDamage]►IvanWarhead.
[Weapon]►IvanBomb.Damage= (integer)
The damage that will be dealt when the bomb detonates. Defaults to [CombatDamage]►IvanDamage.
[Weapon]►IvanBomb.Detachable= (boolean)
Whether or not Engineers can remove this bomb from units it has been attached to. Defaults to yes.
[Weapon]►IvanBomb.DestroysBridges= (boolean)

Whether or not this bomb can be used on Bridge Repair Huts in order to destroy the corresponding Bridge. Defaults to yes.


Bombs can always be attached to Bridge Huts, but the resulting explosion will not destroy the bridge unless IvanBomb.DestroysBridges=yes is set.

[Weapon]►IvanBomb.CanDetonateTimeBomb= (boolean)
Whether or not players can manually detonate bombs attached by this weapon. Defaults to [CombatDamage]►CanDetonateTimeBomb.
[Weapon]►IvanBomb.Delay= (integer)
The number of frames that will elapse before the bomb detonates automatically. Defaults to [CombatDamage]►IvanTimedDelay.
[Weapon]►IvanBomb.AttachSound= (sound name)
The sound that will be played when the bomb is attached to a target. Defaults to [AudioVisual]►BombAttachSound.
[Weapon]►IvanBomb.TickingSound= (sound name)
The sound that will be played whilst the bomb is attached to a unit. In order for this sound to loop correctly, the sound must have Control=loop set in its INI section in soundmd.ini. Defaults to [AudioVisual]►BombTickingSound.
[Weapon]►IvanBomb.Image= (filename, *excluding*the .shp extension)
The SHP file for the image to display over a unit that has a bomb attached to them, in the format “filename”(the ”.shp” extension is automatically added by the engine). If the image cannot be loaded then the game will fall back to the default bombcurs.shp.
[Weapon]►IvanBomb.FlickerRate= (integer)

The rate at which the bomb SHP will flip back and forth between two frames to give the impression of a flickering fuse. Must be higher than 0. Defaults to [CombatDamage]►IvanIconFlickerRate.

The animation is slowed down to play over the entire lifetime of the bomb (IvanBomb.Delay). The flicker rate is the number of frames between alternating between the current frame and the following frame. IvanBomb.FlickerRate=5 means the current frame is shown 5 frames, then the next one for 5 frames, then the current one again for 5 frames, ....

Originally this logic was hard-coded to ignore the last frame of the bomb SHP, which was originally planned to be used for so called “death bombs” which were cut from the game before Red Alert 2 was released. This hard-coding has been changed so that the whole SHP is now considered for the fuse, however this means that you’ll now see that extra frame from bombcurs.shp, unless you replace that SHP file.

Image of bombcurs.shp

New in version 0.1.

Changed in version 0.5.