Gattling Enhancements

The gattling weapon system in Yuri’s Revenge switches weapons the longer it keeps firing. Once the highest stage is reached, it will maintain the last weapon until the target is destroyed or the unit is given another order.

By the use of FireOnce=yes on the last weapon stage the gattling can be made to switch back to the first stage and start spinning up again. This workaround comes with side effects; the most notable is that the unit will lose its target and thus may not fire at a single unit continuously.

[TechnoType]►Gattling.Cycle= (boolean)
When the last Stage or EliteStage is completed, the counter will wrap around and restart with the first stage without the firing unit losing target. Requires IsGattling=yes. Defaults to no.


The gattling firing effect depends on the stage and RateUp and RateDown values as well as the individual state of the firing unit. It is not possible to guarantee that a certain stage fires a fixed amount of times.

New in version 0.3.