In Yuri’s Revenge, the values that were accepted for Pip and OccupyPip were hardcoded to a list of known names. While fixing the Pip Distortion Bug, Ares makes this more flexible.

Any tag that defines a pip accepts an alternative notation now. If the tag value cannot be resolved using the list of known names (like personblue), the value is parsed as integer. The integers are used as frame index into the pips files (pips.shp and pips2.shp).

If the value is neither a known name nor an integer, a parsing error is put into debug.log.

[TechnoType]►Pip= (integer)

Frame index in the pips file to use as pip image. Valid values range from 0 to the pip file’s frame count - 1.


If the tag is read as integer and the value is out of bounds, no error is logged in debug.log.

New in version 0.4.