Buildup and Sell Time

The global setting [General]►BuildupTime has been deglobalized and split into two separate tags for construction and selling on BuildingTypes.

Also, Ares now supports make animations having more frames than the buildup time without glitching. In case the buildup time is too short and it would require skipping frames, the buildup time is automatically increased so this does not happen anymore.

[BuildingType]►BuildupTime= (double - minutes)

The time the buildup animation plays regardless of the number of frames. Defaults to [General]►BuildupTime.


Note that certain building functions still become available immediately after being placed, not only after being fully constructed.

[BuildingType]►SellTime= (double - minutes)
Analogous to BuildTime when a building is sold. Defaults to BuildupTime.

New in version 0.D.