With Ares the culling effect used by naval parasites like Squids can also be applied to conventional warheads. Culling is responsibile for dealing a deadly blow once the victim is below a certain health percentage.

[Warhead]►Culling.RookieBelowHealth= (integer - percentage)

[Warhead]►Culling.VeteranBelowHealth= (integer - percentage)

[Warhead]►Culling.EliteBelowHealth= (integer - percentage)

The health a victim unit must fall below to be culled by a hit using this warhead. Use 1 to 100 to represent percentages of full health; use 0, -1, and -2 to represent health states critical/red, damaged/yellow, and healthy/green respectively. Requires Culling=yes.

Defaults to 0 for Culling.RookieBelowHealth and Culling.VeteranBelowHealth, to -1 for Culling.EliteBelowHealth.

The default is the behavior of parasites with Culling=yes: They cull units with critical health if the firer is rookie or veteran, and also cull damaged units (yellow) if firer is elite.

[Warhead]►Culling.Chance= (integer - percentage)

[Warhead]►Culling.RookieChance= (integer - percentage)

[Warhead]►Culling.VeteranChance= (integer - percentage)

[Warhead]►Culling.EliteChance= (integer - percentage)

The chance that a cullable unit is actually culled by a hit using this warhead. Requires Culling=yes. Defaults to 100 (always).

Use Culling.Chance to set the chance for all veterancy levels.


This chance is applied every time damage is dealt using this warhead, not once per victim. That means with 70 there is a 70% chance of culling on the first hit, and a 91% chance of culling the unit on the second hit.

New in version 3.0.