Storage and Silos

In the earlier games, tiberium and ore were not converted to credits directly. Instead, the resources were dumped at the refinery, and then stored in silos. This feature was not used in Red Alert 2 and wasn’t working any more. Ares restores the Storage feature.

Bonus money created by ore purifiers is always stored on the bank account instead of in the silos. This is because the bonus is calculated in tiberium bails, which would count against storage. When the silo is destroyed, this bonus money would be placed on the map, which would create tiberium out of nothing.


Storage on undeployable refineries like the Slave Miner is not supported. Slave Miners cannot provide storage space, because it is lost whenever the building undeploys.

New in version 0.5.

Enabling Storage

Storage works as it did in Tiberian Sun. For reasons of backwards compatibility you have to use one new tag on a building where tiberium is dumped:

[BuildingType]►Refinery.UseStorage= (boolean)
Whether the refinery building will store the Tiberium instead of converting it to money directly. Tiberium that is converted directly does not require storage space. Defaults to no.

EVA Notice

In case the storage capacity is either depleted or nearly so, EVA will warn the player by giving an EVA_SilosNeeded notice.


The game does not have this EVA message defined and has no audio files for it. You have to add them before you can use them.

New in version 0.5.

Text Message

Complimentary to the EVA event it is possible to show a test message.

[General]►Message.SilosNeeded= (csf label)
Set this to a text that shall be printed whenever the Silos Needed warning occurs. You cannot unset this later. If you want to disable this message in a game mode or map, you will have to a label of an empty text. Defaults to no message.

New in version 0.9.


Tiberium is again supported as a valid PipScale value. For buildings with positive Storage, the pips will show the currently used storage space compared to the overall space of that building. Ore will show as yellow pips, gems as blue ones.

To enable PipScale=Tiberium on buildings with Refinery=yes or ResourceDestination=yes, you also have to enable Refinery.UseStorage=yes. This requirement was added because otherwise the original game would show the tiberium scale for the unmodded refineries, which have PipScale=Tiberium and valid Storage defined.

New in version 0.5.