The global [CombatDamage]►BallisticScatter is used for defining a range depending on the projectile’s properties, and then randomly picking a value from this range as the final scatter distance for each projectile fired. Ares makes this global customizable as two separate tags that can be used to specify the minimum and maximum distances for each Projectile directly.

Both tags require Inaccurate=yes and Arcing=yes.

[Projectile]►BallisticScatter.Min= (float - cell range)
The minimum range in cells a projectile can scatter. Defaults to [CombatDamage]►BallisticScatter / 2 if FlakScatter=no or Inviso=yes, to 0 otherwise.
[Projectile]►BallisticScatter.Max= (float - cell range)
The maximum range in cells a projectile can scatter. Defaults to [CombatDamage]►BallisticScatter.


Inaccurate=yes prevents projectiles to “snap” to their target on impact, and thus they will not deal damage to them because this does not count as a direct hit even if ballistic scatter is set to a low value. Using CellSpread fixes this.


There is one more place [CombatDamage]►BallisticScatter is used and that is not customizable yet. It scatters an extra amount from 0 to 2 * [CombatDamage]►BallisticScatter for projectiles with both FlakScatter=yes and Inviso=yes set.

New in version 0.7.