Damage Airborne Units

Warheads detonating on the ground cause explosions that never affect units in the air, no matter how large the CellSpead range is. If a warhead detonated just a few leptons above the ground however, airborne units would be affected if they were in range. This can now be changed.

[Warhead]►DamageAirThreshold= (integer - leptons)

If the warhead detonates more than this many leptons above the ground, units in the air will be affected. Otherwise, units in the air are not damaged. Defaults to 0.


Use -1 to damage even air units when the warhead detonates on the ground, or a high positive value like 9999 to disable damaging air units despite the warhead detonating in air.

[General]►DamageAirConsiderBridges= (boolean)

Whether a warhead detonating above a bridge will consider the bridge’s height for finding out whether units in air are to be damaged. Defaults to no.

If no, a warhead detonating on a bridge will be considered to be four levels (416 leptons) high in the air, if yes, it will be 0 leptons above the ground and thus by default not trigger damaging units in the air.

New in version 0.B.