Tiberium Explosive

Tiberium Explosive is the feature that harvester units detonate violently on destruction. It is not to be confused with the similarly named Tiberium Explosion.

The damage to deliver depends on Power of the contained tiberium bails. This is like it was in Firestorm. Tiberian Sun also added the harvester unit’s strength, which has not been recreated.

Tiberian Sun used C4Warhead to deliver the damage, with a hardcoded spread of 1.5. Ares requires the warhead to define CellSpread itself.

Only positive damage is delivered. In case TiberiumExplosiveWarhead is not set or the Harvester Truce feature is enabled, no damage is delivered.

[CombatDamage]►TiberiumExplosive= (boolean)
Whether tiberium inside of harvester units explodes using TiberiumExplosiveWarhead when destroyed. Defaults to no.
[CombatDamage]►TiberiumExplosiveWarhead= (warhead)
The warhead to deliver the damage of explosive tiberium. Defaults to none.
[CombatDamage]►TiberiumExplosiveAnim= (animation)
Optional animation displayed when Tiberium contained in a unit explodes. Can be used independently of damage delivery; TiberiumExplosiveWarhead needs not be set. Defaults to none.

New in version 0.5.

Changed in version 2.0.