Command Line ArgumentsΒΆ


Allows the game to run without the Yuri’s Revenge CD. Requires the content of the Yuri’s Revenge CD to be copied to the Red Alert 2 directory first. The First Decade users already have all the required files installed, so no further action has to be taken.


Prevents the EA logo video from playing before the game begins to load.


Turns debug.log file writing on initially. See Internal Errors/Debugging.


Outputs all CSF labels that cannot be found in the language files into debug.log. Each label is written only once, and prefixed with [CSFLoader].


Throws an Internal Error on game load if a not-necessarily-critical error is detected. For example, when you set a flag to a non-empty value that cannot be parsed.


There are several existing errors in the stock rules that will trip this so you will need to clean them up before using it.


Enables AI Control feature. Entering this command in the command line before opening Yuri’s Revenge allows the player to assign a hotkey to allowing AI control.


This feature was designed primarily for the purposes of offline testing and AI design testing. Due to this, feature complexity, lack of interest and a change in personnel, please note that this feature is NOT officially supported.


Controls which processors the game will run on. N is a bit mask with one bit for each processor starting with 1 for the first, 2 for the second, 4 for the third and so on. If not set, 1 is used, meaning the game will run on the first processor only. Use 0 to disable this feature.


Several bits can be combined, like 3 representing the first two processors. Usually, the game should run on only one processor (that is, N being a power of 2), as it is not designed to make use of multiple processors.

New in version 0.1.