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  • pd
  • DCoder
  • Renegade
  • Electro
  • Marshall
  • Graion Dilach


A Mystery Guest New Powered Unit Logic
[Gluk-v48] Advanced Rubble Expansion
Marshall Prism Forwarding


Project Manager Nighthawk
Documentation Maintainer Steel Mirage
User Support Agent Graion Dilach
Project Ambassador Graion Dilach
Promo Material Creator Speeder
Final Alert Support Starkku
Chinese Translation Project z Zomboid
French Translation Kik0u

Special Thanks

Westwood Studios
For creating this great game in the first place. Although you guys really should’ve fired half of your coding staff (out of a cannon, into the sun).
For developing Launch Base and the YR Unofficial 1.002 Mini-Patch (UMP), and whipping the documentation into shape.
For providing the infrastructure for the Ares website and the unstable development builds page.
For researching and providing the proper Comodo Internet Security settings for Syringe/Ares.


The developers would like to express their gratitude to all those who invested time and effort to help improve Ares by testing it, suffering through countless bugs, exceptions and menial tasks in the process.

Without them, we could not have reached the standard of quality we have reached today.

Though we had many testers over the years, some have distinguished themselves through exceptional effort, high testing quality and commendable dedication:

  • MasterHaosis
  • mevitar
  • Professor_Tesla
  • Speeder
  • YR M0ddEr

Community Members

While not officially working on Ares, the following community members have been loyal supporters over the years, discussing, providing feedback and helping out where they could:

  • WoRmINaToR