CellSpread Enhancements


Yuri’s Revenge used a lookup table to iterate all the cells affected by area of effect weapons using CellSpread. This lookup table was limited because it only supported a maximum range of 11 (which contained errors).

Ares replaces this lookup table and makes it possible to use larger values for CellSpread. All area of effect weapon features Ares added (like AttachEffects on Warheads, EMP, IronCurtain on Weapons) have been updated to support this as well.


Consider: If you double the range, the number of affected cells is quadrupled. For performance reasons it is not advised to use CellSpread for frequent or map wide effects.

New in version 0.6.

CellSpread Hit Limit

The CellSpread logic iterates all cells in range, and affects all objects on these cells. If an object occupies more than one cell like buildings with a foundation larger than 1x1, it could be encountered multiple times and thus would take multiple hits (potentially one for each cell of its foundation).

The following tag limits the number of times the same object can be hit by the same cause. If an object is hit more often than allowed, the hits closest to the impact site are used, all others are discarded.

[Warhead]►CellSpread.MaxAffect= (integer)
The number of times an object can be affected at most when hit by a warhead using CellSpread. Set this to 1 to make the same object not be hit not more than once. Defaults to -1 (infinite).

New in version 0.6.