Units and structures usually always use the same weapon against the same target. If the weapon is not charged because ammo is depleted, the unit will wait for it to reload. It will not try the next available weapon that might not even need ammunition.

This feature works like OpenTransportWeapon (which forces another weapon on the condition that a unit is in an open-topped transport). It can be used to make the unit or structure switch to a less powerful weapon automatically and use it until ammo has been reloaded, or to disable firing any weapon when set to a weapon that requires ammo.

[TechnoType]►NoAmmoWeapon= (integer)

The weapon index to switch to when there is no ammo left. This will override the normal weapon selection and only allow this weapon to be selected. Valid values 0 for the primary weapon and 1 for the secondary. Use -1 to not switch weapons. Defaults to -1.


This tag cannot override the DeployFireWeapon enabled by DeployFire=yes on VehicleTypes and InfantryTypes.

[TechnoType]►NoAmmoAmount= (integer)
If the current ammo is equal to or below this value, the NoAmmoWeapon will be used. Defaults to 0.

New in version 0.C.