Iron Curtain Effect

The Iron Curtain effect can now be given to or removed from units and buildings using new Ares warhead settings.

[Warhead]►IronCurtain.Duration= (integer - frames)
If positive, endows the target unit with the Iron Curtain effect for the specified number of frames. If negative, the Iron Curtain effect duration will be reduced by this number of frames. Use IronCurtain.Cap= below to have the effect duration be cumulative rather than absolute. IronCurtain.Duration defaults to 0 (no Iron Curtain effect).
[Warhead]►IronCurtain.Cap= (integer)
If this value is negative the IronCurtain.Duration is absolute and will not stack up if a target is fired upon multiple times. If this value is 0 the effect duration can stack up indefinitely. Otherwise the Iron Curtain effect can not stack up to durations longer than this value – except for when a unit’s duration already is higher and IronCurtain.Duration isn’t negative (the duration will not be decreased, then). IronCurtain.Cap defaults to -1 (non-stacking, absolute duration).

To change the effect the Iron Curtain has on specific units:

[TechnoType]►IronCurtain.Modifier= (float - multiplier)
If the Iron Curtain effect duration is positive it will be multiplied by this factor. Use 0% to create a unit that can not be affected by the Iron Curtain. IronCurtain.Modifier defaults to 100%.


To have a unit protect a target for ten seconds, set [Warhead]►IronCurtain.Duration=150. To allow the Iron Curtain duration to stack up to one minute, set [Warhead]►IronCurtain.Cap=900. To remove the Iron Curtain effect altogether, set [Warhead]►IronCurtain.Duration=-1 and [Warhead]►IronCurtain.Cap=0 (remove one frame but have the resulting number of frames not exceed 0).

If a weapon deals conventional damage and applies the Iron Curtain at the same time, the damage will be dealt first. InfantryTypes and Organic=yes units will always get killed instantaneously.

This feature works with CellSpread to affect multiple targets. AffectsAllies and AffectsEnemies are respected. A unit does not get the Iron Curtain effect if Verses is equal to 0%, otherwise the target is endowed with the full effect.

New in version 0.1.