Drain Weapon Options

Unlike defensive structures or refineries, draining power plants always affects the player’s entire power, not just what is produced locally. Ares adds some tags to make this customizable.

[TechnoType]►Drain.Local= (boolean)
Whether this unit drains only the local power from its target building, or whether this building does not bring down the entire power grid of the owning player when drained. If any of the draining unit or the building drained have this set to yes, only the local power is drained. If both have this set to no, then the victim’s entire power is drained. Defaults to no.
[TechnoType]►Drain.Amount= (integer)

The amount of power drained from a power plant of the victim player. Requires Drain.Local=yes on either the draining unit or the drained building. If positive, this is the maximum amount of power drained. If negative, this is the minimum amount of power drained. Defaults to 0.

The start value is the victim building’s Power, then the draining unit’s Drain.Amount is applied, and finally the drained building’s Drain.Amount.

For example: draining a Power Plant with Power=500 and Drain.Amount=0 using a Floating Disk.

With Drain.Amount=-1000 on the disk, it will drain 1000, with Drain.Amount=0 it will drain the 500 the building produces, and with Drain.Amount=200 on the disk it will drain 200.

If the building would have Drain.Amount=-600, it would never drain less than 600. If the building had Drain.Amount=800, it would never drain more than 800.

New in version 0.6.