OmniCrusher Enhancements¶

OmniCrusher=yes units are allowed to overrun enemies, and units are eager to try that when ordered to attack a victim, or when retaliating against an enemy unit firing at it. This mechanism is sometimes useful, but sometimes it is not. Like when a Battle Fortress deliberately closes in on a group of enemy tanks, and is then lured into an ambush and overpowered itself.

Ares allows deactivating the aggressive behavior.

[TechnoType]â–ºOmniCrusher.Aggressive= (boolean)

Whether or not a unit should try to crush its target aggressively. If no, the unit will not try to come as close as possible to the target to finally crush it. Requires OmniCrusher=yes. Defaults to yes.


Only supported if OmniCrusher=yes is set. The default might change in a later version.

New in version 0.A.