Splits and Airburst

The Splits missile feature of Firestorm fame has been ported over to Yuri’s Revenge, with several changes and additions. The related Airburst logic has been expanded.

New in version 0.7.


The split weapon of the Cyborg Reaper from Firestorm fired two missiles. Each of them split in mid-air after gaining some altitude, releasing two new projectiles each, which would either travel on to the initial target, aim for a new target no more than two cells nearby, or impact on a random cell in a 7 by 7 area.

The actual split happens when an Airburst=yes projectile is above its target, a Ranged=yes projectile exceeds its weapon’s ProjectileRange or the projectile detonates otherwise.

Refer to Splits on ModEnc for a more detailed description of the logic.


The Splits logic has been de-hardcoded compared to Tiberian Sun. The AirburstWeapon‘s Damage is no longer multiplied by 10. Its Speed is used instead of the hardcoded 19, and its Bright setting is now also respected instead of just being disabled. In Ares, Splits only targets air units if the Airburst projectile is AA=yes, and it only retargets objects the projectile’s warhead can affect.


Even though speed is not hardcoded any more, you cannot use Speed values lower than 19 on the AirburstWeapon or the logic will start to fail and behave erratically.

[Projectile]►Splits= (boolean)
Whether the projectile will split into a number of other projectiles defined by Cluster and AirburstWeapon. Can be combined with Airburst. Defaults to no.
[Projectile]►RetargetAccuracy= (float - percentage)
The probability that a split cluster will aim for the same target the original projectile was shot at. The higher the value, the less likely it is for the split projectile to choose another target. Valid range is 0.0 to 1.0. Defaults to 0.0.
[Projectile]►RetargetSelf= (boolean)
Whether the firing unit itself can become the target when retargeting. If no, the firer will be exempt, though could still be hit by a retargeted projectile that hits the cell the firer is on. Defaults to yes.


The Airburst logic was used for the MultiMissile in Tiberian Sun to deal damage to randomly selected cells below the target area. In Red Alert 2 the logic has been changed and it always bursts into nine clusters covering an area of 3 by 3 cells.

[Projectile]►AirburstSpread= (float - cell range)
The range the airburst effect covers. Each cell in range will be targeted by the AirburstWeapon. Requires Airburst=yes. Cannot be combined with Splits=yes. Defaults to 1.5.

Common Settings

[Projectile]►AroundTarget= (boolean)
Whether a projectile with Splits=yes or Airburst=yes should use the area around the original target to look for new targets for each cluster. If enabled, the clusters will continue their way to the originally intended target. Otherwise, the clusters will search for new targets in the area where the projectile split up. Defaults to Splits.