Tiberium Damage

Infantry being damaged when walking on tiberium (not just standing there) is a feature of Tiberian Dawn and Tiberian Sun. Ares brings this feature back and extends it to work with all unit types.

Units killed by Tiberium Damage may convert into a Visceroid. See Visceroids

New in version 0.5.

Enabling Tiberium Damage

Ares requires a new tag to be set to enable the Damage feature, and it does no longer damage units that are positioned above [General]►HoverHeight.

[General]►TiberiumDamageEnabled= (boolean)
Whether tiberium damages units that are not tiberium proof. Required for the following tags to work. Defaults to no.

Who gets damaged

All units that are not tiberium proof (neither through the tag TiberiumProof nor through the TIBERIUM_PROOF veteran ability) will be damaged when entering a cell containing tiberium. It does not matter how long they stay in a cell.

[TechnoType]►TiberiumProof= (boolean)
Whether this unit is immune to tiberium damage. Defaults to no for InfantryTypes, to yes otherwise.

Damage and Warhead

The damage and the warhead used to deliver it can be customized for each of the Tiberiums. This allows to have damaging and non-damaging resources at the same time, for example Tiberium and ore respectively.

[Tiberium]►Damage= (integer)
The damage a unit that is not tiberium proof receives from entering a cell containing this type of Tiberium. Defaults to Power / 10, but at least 1.
[Tiberium]►Warhead= (warhead)

The warhead that deals the Tiberium Damage. Defaults to [CombatDamage]►C4Warhead.


This is not used for the Tiberium Explosive feature.


Visceroids have been recreated partially.

They will move around the map, and when two units with SmallVisceroid=yes (not [General]►SmallVisceroid) meet, they will merge into a unit of type [General]►LargeVisceroid.


Visceroids will not yet retreat to a patch of tiberium to regenerate health when badly damaged.

When units die because of Tiberium Damage, there is a chance they will spawn a unit of type [General]►SmallVisceroid (if defined). This logic requires [Basic]►TiberiumDeathToVisceroid=yes in a map to work. The Visceroid is owned by the country Neutral.

Ares adds a global tag that can be customized for each type. The global tag existed since Tiberian Sun but did not do anything.

[General]►TiberiumTransmogrify= (integer - percent)
Chance of which a unit dying of tiberium damage transforms into a [General]►SmallVisceroid. Defaults to 0.
[TechnoType]►TiberiumTransmogrify= (integer - percent)
Chance of which a unit of this type dying of tiberium damage transforms into a [General]►SmallVisceroid. Defaults to [General]►TiberiumTransmogrify.

New in version 0.5.