Keep Alive

Originally, all Insignificant=no and DontScore=no buildings keep players alive in Short Games, excluding fake vehicles like Slave Miners and deployable tanks and artilleries, and only these, aside from vehicles in the BaseUnit list.

Using Ares you can customize this set by including insignificant buildings, fake as well as actual vehicles and even infantry or aircraft, or by removing certain buildings that should not keep players alive despite being significant.

As long as a player owns at least one object that keeps alive, a Short Game will not count as lost.

[TechnoType]►KeepAlive= (boolean)

Whether an object of this type will keep the owning player alive, independent of DontScore= and Insignificant=. Defaults to yes for Insignificant=no and DontScore=no buildings, to no otherwise (including all units, infantry and aircraft).


No matter this setting, VehicleTypes contained in the [General]►BaseUnit= list will always keep the player alive during Short Games. This might change in the future.

New in version 3.0.