Oil Derricks (ProduceCash)

General Changes

Building upgrades now support ProduceCashDelay, ProduceCashAmount and ProduceCashStartup like normal buildings. Each upgrade manages its own timer, so they will grant the amount independently of the main building or other upgrades.

ProduceCashStartup has been expanded to support negative values. The amount is withdrawn from the capturing player’s account. If less than the specified amount is available, then the building can still be captured or placed. Also, ProduceCashStartup is no longer granted if a building is captured by a MultiplayPassive=yes house.

Unlike in the original game, ProduceCashStartup does not have to be non-null for ProduceCashDelay and ProduceCashAmount to work.

New in version 0.9.

Changed in version 0.B.

Display Cash Produced

Buildings producing cash can display the amount they generated as a text appearing over the building. The text will appear above the building and then move up slightly.

[BuildingType]►ProduceCashDisplay= (boolean)
Whether the building will show the credits it produced. Not respected on upgrades. The setting from the main building type will be used instead. Defaults to no.
[AudioVisual]►DisplayCreditsDelay= (double - minutes)
The interval between two texts appearing to display how many credits a building produced. Until then, the amounts are collected to be displayed after the interval passed. Defaults to 0.02.

At the moment the colors are hardcoded to green for positive amounts and red for negative amounts. the format is hardcoded to the amount with a plus or minus sign prefixed.


This feature might be expanded or changed in the future. Do not take the appearance of these texts for granted. Colors, positions, and movement speed might change.

New in version 0.B.