Type Selection Groups

In Yuri’s Revenge, each of the three original sides have own dogs and own engineer. If one player gets hold of equivalent units of other types, they will not be considered for Type Selection. Thus you could have 20 dogs, but only three would be selected, because the others are of different type.

Ares adds a method that has none of the limitations of the known workarounds, that is, you can group an arbitrary amount of types, it is not limited to infantry (it actually supports mixed types), has no side effects when types are modified in maps and it doesn’t crash.


To group all dogs as one type of unit, set GroupAs=DOG on all of them. For engineers, use GroupAs=ENGINEER.

[TechnoType]►GroupAs= (string)

The group name this unit is considered as. Name length can be up to 30 characters. Defaults to the type’s ID.


Check that you don’t accidentally use an existing ID of a probably unrelated type as group name. This would include this type in this selection group, if it doesn’t have GroupAs set to some other value itself.

[General]►TypeSelectUseDeploy= (boolean)

Whether the types in DeploysInto and UndeploysInto should be included for selection automatically. Defaults to yes.


If you set this to no, Slave Miners, Tick Tanks and the like will differentiate between their deployed and undeployed forms. You will have to manually set GroupAs on the groups you want to keep.

New in version 0.5.