In the original Red Alert, pilots would parachute from destroyed aircraft. Ares reintroduces this feature along with some additional improvements, all of which are customizable.

AircraftTypes and VehicleTypes have the option of spawning a pilot (or driver) when they are destroyed. In order for a pilot to be spawned from an airborne unit, the ground beneath the destroyed unit must be clear.

The following flags control the percent chance of a survivor being spawned, and the type of unit that that survivor will be.

Units and Buildings

[TechnoType]►Survivor.Side#= (InfantryType) (where # is the zero-based index of the side – e.g. 0 for Allied, 1 for Soviet, 2 for Yuri)

The InfantryType that can emerge from this object as a survivor when the object was owned by the corresponding side. Use to <none> to reset to default. Defaults to the owning side’s Crew.


For example, Survivor.Side0=E1 would cause the spawned survivor (if any) to be a GI when the destroyed unit was owned by an Allied player at the time of destruction.

[TechnoType]►Crew.TechnicianChance= (integer - percent between 0 and 100)

The chance the owning side’s Technician is spawned instead of an ordinary crew member. Defaults to 15 for BuildingTypes with Primary= set, to 0 otherwise.


Yuri’s Revenge also ejects Technician from units with Primary= set. Previous versions of Ares did not, so the default value has been changed so there is no difference to previous versions. If you want to eject Technician from units, you have to manually set Crew.TechnicianChance.


[Unit]►Survivor.Pilots= (integer)
The number of pilots that will attempt to be spawned when this unit is destroyed (provided that the ground beneath the destroyed unit is clear). Defaults to 1 if the unit has Crewed=yes set, to 0 otherwise.

[Unit]►Survivor.RookiePilotChance= (integer between 0 and 100)

[Unit]►Survivor.VeteranPilotChance= (integer between 0 and 100)

[Unit]►Survivor.ElitePilotChance= (integer between 0 and 100)
The percent chance that each individual pilot will be spawned when this unit is destroyed. If this value is negative, [General]►CrewEscape will be used. Defaults to -1.

[Unit]►Survivor.RookiePassengerChance= (integer between 0 and 100)

[Unit]►Survivor.VeteranPassengerChance= (integer between 0 and 100)

[Unit]►Survivor.ElitePassengerChance= (integer between 0 and 100)

Determines the percent chance that each of the unit’s passengers (if any) will survive. Rookie/Veteran/Elite refer to the veteran level of the transport unit – a unit with a higher veteran level could be made to have a greater (or lesser) chance of allowing its passengers to survive. Passengers will be spawned in the cells around the destroyed unit and, so, if these cells are not clear then the passengers will not be spawned.

These flags default to a special-case value of -1 which means “use the original game logic” (i.e. land-based vehicles such as the Battle Fortress will eject their passengers but jumpjet vehicles such as the Nighthawk will not). Note that, for airborne vehicles such as the Nighthawk, there is no way to say “passengers can survive on the ground, but aren’t allowed to paradrop from the air” – if they can survive they can survive.

If either the pilots or any passengers are ‘killed’ because they were not spawned (i.e. because the ground was not clear or the random chance did not luck in) then they count as having been killed by the unit that killed the transport. If Survivor.PilotChance=0 then the pilots will not count as having been killed (however, passengers will always count as having been killed, even if Survivor.PassengerChance=0).

Spawned pilots will be spawned with 50% of their maximum health and the same amount of experience as the destroyed unit had. Passengers will emerge with both their health and their experience unchanged.

New in version 0.1.


Buildings can spawn the owning side’s Engineers in addition to Crew and Technician. The number of crew members is determined by the refund price of the building divided by the side’s SurvivorDivisor. If the building has been captured, the divisor is double, and thus the number of survivors is halved. At least one survivor is spawned, but no more than five.

[BuildingType]►Crew.EngineerChance= (integer - percent between 0 and 100)
The chance the owning side’s Engineer is spawned instead of an ordinary crew member. If the building has been captured, engineers are not allowed to be spawned regardless of this setting. Defaults to 25 if Factory=BuildingType, to 0 otherwise.

New in version 0.5.