Save GamesΒΆ

Only save games made with the same version of either the vanilla game or a mod and a compatible version of Ares are supported. All incompatible save games will be hidden from the list of saved games automatically.


Save games work like in the unmodified game: they are stored in the game folder and have a random filename with a .sav extension. This might change in future versions.

For save games to work properly, mods are required to set the mod-specific information settings to values uniquely identifying each individual mod version. To ensure that save games correctly restore the previous state of the game, you need to make sure to change the mod version whenever you make changes to global settings or data.

Those include:

  • changing the order of existing sounds, EVA messages, and themes in the INI files (this includes adding new items into the middle of as well as removing any items from the lists)
  • changing filenames of files used for terrain or object (buildings, units, projectiles, animations, ...) art, or changing the number of image frames contained in such files

Failing to do so might prevent the game from correctly restoring the previous state. This might cause subtle issues ranging from the wrong sounds being played to graphical glitches, but it could also cause crashes.

If Ares detects a mismatch while reading its own data and is thus unable to proceed loading a save game file, it will automatically and forcefully terminate the game, no error message will be shown, and the game will not return back to the main menu. This should not happen if you follow these guidelines. For debugging purposes, the log file will then contain information about the last object Ares tried to restore.

New in version 1.0.