Factory Plant Effect¶

The cost reduction effect of FactoryPlant buildings like the Industrial Plant can be modified per TechnoType, using this multiplier.

[TechnoType]â–ºFactoryPlant.Multiplier= (double - multiplier)

The effect of the respective CostBonus tag for this type is multiplied by this value to either increase, decrease, or nullify the effect. Fully supported values range from -1.0 to reverse the effect to 1.0 to not apply the effect. 0.0 nullifies the bonus. Defaults to 1.0.


Values beyond 1.0 can potentially cause the cost to drop to zero, if the effect of the product of all cost bonuses is multiplied by a too large value. This is because the effect of this multiplier is linear.

An example: If the cost bonus is 0.6 and the multiplier is 0.5, then the final bonus will be 0.8. In other words: if a bonus reduces the cost to 60% and the multiplier only grants half of that, the final price will be at 80% of the original cost.

New in version 0.C.