Sensor Arrays

Sensor Arrays are buildings that can detect enemy stealth units and structures, as well as subterranean unit movements. The feature was introduced along with Cloak Generators in Tiberian Sun, but didn’t work correctly in Red Alert 2.

New in version 0.5.


SensorArray=yes uses SensorsSight= as range to detect stealth and subterranean units, while Tiberian Sun reused the Cloak Generator range. This is also used to draw the radial indicator.

The bug that the sensor stayed active even after the Sensor Array was destroyed is fixed.

Sensor Arrays were not supposed to be powered or to change owner (by capture or mind-control) and weren’t updated for temporal weapons. All of this should work now.

Two new EVA warnings have been added, EVA_CloakedUnitDetected and EVA_SubterraneanUnitDetected, which are played when a detector like a Sensor Array detects cloaked units or units moving underground respectively.


You have to add these EVA voices to evamd.ini before you can use them. The game does not contain audio files for the three original EVA voices.

Suppress Sensor Array Warnings

[TechnoType]►SensorArray.Warn= (boolean)
Whether EVA warnings and radar events should be generated if this type is detected. This does not hide the unit or building from the Sensor Array, and the object will still become visible. Defaults to yes.

New in version 0.5.