Killing Drivers

Requested as a “Jarmen Kell” functionality, this feature allows specific warheads to kill the driver of a vehicle instead of damaging it, and allows others to take over the now-neutral vehicle.

[Warhead]►KillDriver= (boolean)
Specifies whether this warhead kills the driver of the vehicle, instead of damaging the vehicle itself. The first passenger matching the vehicle’s Operator is considered the driver. All other passengers will be ejected. Defaults to no.
[Warhead]►KillDriver.Owner= (enumeration - civilian,special,neutral)
Specifies the house the units are assigned to. Defaults to special.
[Warhead]►KillDriver.KillBelowPercent= (float)
Specifies the percentage of health a unit can not exceed to have its driver killed by a KillDriver=yes warhead. A unit above this health level is only damaged and the driver is not killed. Defaults to 100%.
[TechnoType]►ProtectedDriver= (boolean)
Whether the driver of this vehicle cannot be killed, i.e. whether this vehicle is immune to KillDriver. Organic=yes and Natural=yes units are always immune to KillDriver. Defaults to no.
[TechnoType]►ProtectedDriver.MinHealth= (double - percentage)
The minimum health below which the driver of this unit can be killed. If the unit’s health is above this, the driver cannot be killed. If KillDriver.KillBelowPercent is also defined on the warhead, the minimum of the two values is used, that is, this tag can make a unit more resistant against driver killing weapons. Defaults to 0.0 if ProtectedDriver=yes, to 1.0 otherwise.
[TechnoType]►CanDrive= (boolean)
Whether this InfantryType can act as the driver of vehicles whose driver has been killed, effectively reclaiming the vehicle. If the vehicle requires an Operator the infantry driver turns the unit and enters as passenger that can be ejected later, otherwise the driver is swallowed, becoming the permanent driver of the vehicle. Defaults to no.


Vehicle Thieves cannot drive neutralized vehicles by default, but VehicleThief=yes can be combined with CanDrive=yes without problems.

See Hijackers for more options that relate to CanDrive.

New in version 0.2.

Changed in version 0.9.